Ginger Honey Almond Hair Butter


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Ginger Honey Almond Hair Butter! Just in time for these cold winter months when hair follicle protection is of thee essence. This LocButter was cultivated with Locs in mind but is not limited to our Loc community! This product is for ALL NATURAL HAIR TYPES. The base of this product is Shea Butter and hempseed oil. I have added in Ginger Oil and a combination of other Essential Oils to come up with the perfect protectant for your natural hair. The optimum balance of Essential Oils with the Shea butter and Hempseed Oil gives u a lightly whipped yet strong butter for your hair! One of my KEY ingredients in this product is the Ginger Root Oil it is an active protective layer to each hair follicle. Most ppl focus on the roots of the hair only and forget to moisturize and nourish the entire hair follicle  from root to tip. Using this hair Butter will not only enhance the sheen of your hair but it will also work hard to protect the hair from weather damage, heat damage and everyday styling. 


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